Focus on community’s health and safety and leave the hassle of procuring and financing medical supplies to ePharma


Lower your costs and improve efficiency with ePharma, optimize supply chain requirements and manage finances from using a transparent platform.

Dependable Supply

Effective supply of medicines to pharmacies through a digital platform to ensure our community is getting the supplies needed when they need it.

Smartly Execute

Enable pharmacies to identify and onboard suppliers digitally and make orders on in demand drugs instantly without prolonged manual sales process.

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Supporting pharmacies to make more informed procurement decisions with advanced analytics.

ePharma is a transparent and effective set of tools that supports procurement and supply chain and provides insightful analytics to enhance business decisions.

Supporting pharmacies with a resilient eco-system and allowing them to establish better valuation of procurement decisions and bridges the gap between cashflow and supply chain.

Enables pharmacies to identify and onboard suppliers digitally and make orders on in demand drugs instantly without prolonged manual procurement process.

> 200 Pharmacies On-Board
100M AED Estimated 1st Year Sales
Reach new


Have instant and thorough access to supply and don’t waste time searching and procuring medical supplies.

ePharma provides you with a simple “Search and Order” eCommerce platform, where you can compare prices and offers between suppliers, so you can always get the best deal with minimum effort.

Cashflow issues from delayed payments impacting your supply chain? ePharma accelerates your settlements.

ePharma provides a resilient credit facility that shortens the time gap between sales, insurance claims cash outs and supplies invoices, providing a dependable cashflow that empowers your pharmaceutical business.

Trade Insights and Advanced Analytics to introduce opportunities and highlight your business’s strengths and weaknesses.

ePharma provides extensive insights on the supply and demand in the market, allowing for enhanced decision making and improved procurement.

A Complete and Resilient platform that increases efficiency and empowers business growth.

ePharma supplements the market with a full set of services and tools to impower businesses and mitigate for obstacles, from ordering and delivery, to finance management and financing, to state-of-the-art market insights and analytical tools and more.

It is simple

How It Works

3 easy steps! where was ePharma before?

1 - Register

Create your account by filling in the Join Us form, we will then contact you.

2 - Login

Enter the system by logging in, to access the products and start your ordering process.

3 - Order

Fill in the details of the delivery and select your payment option.

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Easy and Simple

Order with one touch, Get the offers

Forget the days when hunting for deals was an up to luck process, compare the offers with minimum work.

Removing Obstacles

Don’t let cashflow issues get in the way

Get the medicine the community needs right away and pay up as it suits you.

Accurate and Efficient

Simplify the process, track your orders

Request an unlimited numbers of purchase orders digitally and manage it in more simple and effecient way.

You are in Control

Keep track of your finances, whenever, wherever

Your wallet, your settlements, your cash outs, accessible to you anywhere and anytime for your peace of mind.


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